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Gang Rape in India of Swiss Tourist

The horrific gang rape and murder of a woman in India last December sparked outrage and protests across the country. Now another case of sexual violence has caused a media storm. Last week a woman was gang raped while her companion was forced to watch.

Conflict & Justice

Swiss Rage over Rail Tickets

The Swiss love their trains. But that love affair may be souring, thanks to a new ticketing system that imposes fines on the apparently innocent. Victims include the BBC's Imogen Foulkes who shares her story with anchor Marco Werman.


Global Politics

Swiss Banks: Not So Secret Anymore

The Swiss bank UBS has agreed to release to the I.R.S. the names of 4,500 account holders suspected of hiding billions of taxable U.S. dollars. The Takeaway speaks with Louise Story, finance reporter for the New York Times.


When Particles Collide

This summer, in a 17-mile long tunnel outside Geneva, Switzerland, a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider is gearing up to smash protons at nearly the speed of light. Physicists hope it will help solve mysteries of the universe and lead to an elusive Unified Theory. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky looks into the colorful and complex design of the largest machine on the planet.

Shinin' on Through

New science shows that since the 90's more sunlight has been penetrating the earth's atmosphere and speeding up global warming.

Conflict & Justice

Cashing in on corruption

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Daniel Thelesklaf, Co-Executive Director of the Basel Government on Governance in Switzerland, about ways that corrupt rulers use public funds to line their own pockets.