The three-letter word that rocked a nation

In 2012, Sweden erupted in a national debate over the pronoun "hen." Traditionally, Swedish has gendered pronouns when referring to people. There is no gender-neutral pronoun for people. "Hen" was a new word meant to fill a gap in the language. This week on The World in Words podcast we explore how a little-known and little-used word went mainstream in Sweden.


Dog owners live longer, a new study says

While even good human relationships can be complicated, a family dog will unfailingly greet its members with simple joy. Now, a new study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports finds that, along with the blessing of uncritical friendship, household dogs can actually help people live longer.


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Carbon dating forensics

Researchers in Sweden have come up with a technique to use radioactive carbon in the atmosphere, to figure out the age of unidentified dead bodies. The scientists measure levels of carbon-14 in teeth. The World's David Baron has the story.

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Man's best meal?

A new study suggests that people first began domesticating wolves�the ancestors of today's dogs�more for lunch than for loyalty. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Peter Savolainen, lead scientist on the study.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Stockholm, Sweden, where police are investigating a dramatic heist that happened earlier today. The World's David Leveille has details.

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The Larsson inheritance

The family of Swedish crime author Stieg Larsson has offered Larsson's partner a settlement to end a dispute over his inheritance. The World's Carol Zall reports on the latest chapter in the Larsson saga.

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No go on Noko

North Korean-madejeans were to go on sale at a department store in Sweden. The store changed its mind. We talk with one of the NoKo Jeans entrepreneurs.

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Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we're looking for a city on the western coast of Sweden that's home to the Swedish carmaker Saab. Trollhattan is the answer?and also the location of The Saab Automobile Museum. Marco Werman speaks with museum director Peter Beckstrom.


Swedish skiers try to gain high-tech edge

The Swedish cross-country team has gotten some high-tech training help from the country's Winter Sports Research Center. Programming that treadmill required some sophisticated GPS measurements, as The World's Clark Boyd explains.