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Theresa Andersson

She built her sound in New Orleans, but she was born and raised in rural Sweden. Andersson is DIY to the extreme, looping guitar, drums, fiddle, vocals, and vinyl record samples. She tells Kurt how she does it and performs live in the studio.


Sahara solar power

European scientists want to build a giant solar farm in the Sahara desert, and they think that it might be a green way to solve most of Europe's energy needs, as Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Alok Jha

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to our Geo Quiz today is Västerås, Sweden. The city is hosting what's being billed as the biggest American car show anywhere. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with local minister Jerker Alsterlund who plans to perform Las Vegas style drive-in wedding ceremonies at the car show.

Geo quiz and answer

We're calling today's Geo Quiz a "Geo-political Quiz." Anchor Marco Werman gets questions and answers from Carolyn O'Hara, senior editor at Foreign Policy magazine.