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Should the matching shirt summit tradition live or die?

In 2011, US President Barack Obama spared world leaders the indignity of sporting Aloha shirts at a summit in Honolulu. But the matching shirt tradition is a hard one to kill. Meanwhile, millions of Catalans cast a symbolic vote for independence from Spain on Sunday. And a once-secret recording shows Ronald Reagan at his most charming in defusing a crisis. All that in today's Global Scan.

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Spanish singer Buika has a new album, it's a collaboration with Chucho Valdes. It's is a tribute to one of Buika's influences. Betto Arcos has the story.

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Spain's DVD pirates

Hollywood is threatening to abandon Spain as a DVD market. The World's Gerry Hadden reports that a Spanish law protecting against illegal downloads is weak, and millions of videos get downloaded in Spain each year.