South Korea

North Korea transfers remains of missing US soldiers

North Korea transferred 55 small, flag-draped cases carrying the suspected remains of US soldiers killed in the Korean War on Friday, officials said, a first step in implementing an agreement reached in a landmark summit in June.



Korean blogger cleared of wrongdoing

A South Korean blogger, nicknamed the "Internet economic president" had a knack for making accurate predictions. But as anchor Marco Werman explains he turned out to be something other than he purported to be.

Global Politics

What to do about North Korea

It's been nearly five days since North Korea claimed it tested a nuclear weapon. But the talks at the United Nations over how to respond have not yet produced a decision. The World's Katy Clark reports.

Conflict & Justice

US military recruiting immigrants

The US military has launched a pilot project to recruit immigrants to serve in the armed forces. The military wants their language skills. As Jason Strother reports, many of those who've answered the call are native Korean speakers.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

For today's Geo quiz we asked you to name the beach in South Korea that hosts a summer mud festival. Jason Strother visited the seaside city of Boryeong to find out. The answer is Daecheon Beach

Global Politics

North Korea releases South Korean

An executive from South Korean car maker Hyundai has won the release of a company employee held in North Korea. The employee had been accused insulting the North Korean regime. Reporter Jason Strother brings us the story.

Global Politics

Former South Korean leader dies

Former South Korean president Kim Dae Jung has died at the age of 85. Kim was responsible for opening up relations with North Korea after decades of hostility. Reporter Jason Strother looks back on his legacy.

Lifestyle & Belief

Parking in Seoul

In Seoul, South Korea women drivers are getting a break. Thousands of parking spaces have been reserved for them. Jason Strothers reports from Seoul.