South Africa

The World - Episode 20071107 - New book on South Africa's Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki has been president of South Africa since 1999. He's credited with completing the country's transition to democracy. But he's also known for downplaying the AIDS crisis there. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with writer Mark Gevisser, who spent ten years researching a new book about the South African president. It's called "Thabo Mbeki: A Dream Deferred."

Nuclear smuggler gets suspended sentence

A South African court handed down an 18-year jail term to German engineer Gerhard Wisser for his involvement in an international nuclear smuggling ring...but then suspended the sentence when he pleaded guilty in another case.

Home Invasion, Baboon-style

Baboons and humans are butting heads in Cape Town, South Africa. Scores of the feisty primates have left nature preserves on the outskirts of town and are roaming neighborhoods, sometimes entering homes in search of food. Many residents are up in arms abo

South African Tea Farmers Adapt to Changing Climate

Many farmers in the western part of South Africa are finding that the weather is changing: the seasons are coming later and rains are less predictable than in previous years. In the town of Niewoudtville, a group of organic rooibos, or red bush, tea farme