Scotland's wind turbines less eco-friendly than they appear

Scotland plans to harness its high wind concentration as a renewable energy source with wind turbines. Wind turbines have often been criticized as ugly and loud, but now they're being called potentially harmful to the environment. That's because wind turbines have been releasing carbon stored in peat bogs into Scotland's atmosphere.

Dull, Boring set to become sister cities

Two small towns, one in Oregon the other in Scotland, are considering becoming sister cities. They're not exactly linked by trade, nor are they culturally significant. It's really the towns' names that have the two communities considering linking up.


How high the moon?

December 21 marks the shortest day � and the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This year there was an extra treat on the solstice: A total lunar eclipse. Our question today: Do you know the distance to the moon?


The wildcat of Scotland

Some of the world's most endangered wildlife are obscure species, haunting far-flung corners of the planet, but other endangered creatures are much more familiar. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro recently traveled to Scotland, which is the last refuge of a small wild cat that has prowled parts of Great Britain since the last ice age.