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For $89 million, this old London Tube station could have been yours

If you've ever wanted to own a London Tube station, you may have just missed your opportunity. The UK Ministry of Defense recently sold a station its held since World War II — for a whopping $89 million. A few hundred miles to the north of that station, in Scotland, the country's politicians have decided to open their doors to Uganda's gay people who may be seeking asylum. Those stories and more in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

Woody Allen is in the spotlight again over old accusations

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof brought new media attention to Woody Allen's past over the weekend, when Kristof published a letter from Allen's adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, restating her claim that Allen had molested her. In Russia, Jamaica's bobsled team arrives in Sochi without their equipment. And a UN committee denounces the Vatican's handling of child sex abuse, all in today's Global Scan.

Lifestyle & Belief

Cone-heads take to the streets in Glasgow

Those in Glasgow celebrated their success in shutting down a city council proposal that would have disrupted a decades-old tradition. Glaswegians rallied at the statue of the Duke of Wellington to honor the tradition of placing an orange safety cone on the head of the Duke.

Arts, Culture & Media

Scotland's "Brew Dogs" Hop Across America

Scottish craft brewers Martin Dickie and James Watt are known as the Brew Dogs. They're now bringing their experimental brand of American-inspired craft brewing to the United States with a new TV series called Brew Dogs, which launches on the Esquire network on September 24th.