Saudi Arabia

Conflict & Justice

Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was home to many of the men who carried out the 9-11 attacks. Today, al Qaeda's ideology is still present in the country. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mideast expert Gregory Gause about Saudi Arabia's recent efforts to fight extremism.

Arts, Culture & Media

Summer reads

Anchor Lisa Mullins chats with The World's book critic Christopher Merrill about his picks for summer reading -- thrillers set in Saudi Arabia, Scotland and Spain.

Global Politics

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah promotes interfaith collaboration

In Spain today, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is leading an unusual religious gathering. He's called together leaders from the world's major religions ? Islam, Christianity, Judaism ? not to debate hot-button religious issues, but to find common ground for confronting humanitarian crises. Guest: Roger Hardy, BBC Middle East Analyst, in London


Saudi women challenge driving ban

Women in Saudi Arabia can't drive cars because the conservative kingdom forbids women to drive, but some Saudi women are challenging the law and they're using YouTube to get their message out, as The BBC's Crispin Thorold has the story.



Things That Go Boom: Is America's foreign policy for sale?

Think tanks with nonprofit status aren't required to say much of anything when it comes to the source of their funding — whether it be billionaires or foreign governments. That can become a problem when such organizations significantly influence foreign policy — such as the Iran nuclear deal — without disclosing to whom they are financially beholden.