Global Politics

Love and the Peace Corps

What happens when Peace Corps volunteers fall in love, either with each other or with citizens of the country hosting them? Nina Porzucki, a Peace Corps alum, reports from the frontlines of love in the developing world.

Global Politics

Taxing witchcraft

In the Geo Quiz we're looking for a European country where a new tax is causing a stir. It targets some self-employed workers who didn't pay taxes in the past. These include astrologers and witches. And they're not happy about a tax on their ancient arts.

Conflict & Justice

Sarkozy versus Gypsy

The Romanian rock band Vama has written a song that takes on some of the common misconceptions about the Roma or Gypsies and skewers French President Nicolas Sarkozy's expulsion of Gypsies from France earlier this year.Matthew Brunwasser reports.


Global Scan

US government shuts down, as the world makes fun of us...

The US government shutdown has journalists working overtime to come up with the best headlines and most interesting writing about, essentially, what isn't happening. Examples of that, as well as an amazing video of a massive Spanish cathedral's construction, in today's Global Scan.