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Middle Eastern rift with Qatar looks set to continue indefinitely

After initially disrupting Qatar's imports and triggering the withdrawal of billions of dollars from its banks by depositors from the four states, the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas quickly developed new trade routes and deployed tens of billions of dollars from its sovereign wealth fund to protect its domestic lenders.


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Qatar's diplomatic balancing act

Qatar manages to remain friends with just about everyone in the Middle East, and lately the tiny Gulf country taken on the role of mediator -- most notably, in Lebanon, as Ben Gilbert reports on Qatar's diplomatic balancing act.

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Qatar beats US for 2022 World Cup

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's William Troop about the other winners in today's World Cup selections: Qatar was chosen to host in 2022. The choice has raised questions about everything from infrastructure to Qatar's brutal July heat.

No Waves of Hope

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) recently failed to pass important protections for marine wildlife.


Artificial cloud

Today's Geo Quiz is hot - very hot! So, engineers there are trying to find ways to shield players and fans from the intense heat.

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Improved communication with Libyan rebels

Diplomats gathered in the Gulf state of Qatar are urging NATO to step up its air strikes in Libya. But the rebels are praising the military alliance. Why? It all has to do with improving lines of communication. CBC correspondent Derek Stoffel reports.