Global Scan

The Church of England vows to get tough on climate change — really

Climate change is a big deal, and even those with a close relationship with a higher power look to be ready to take action as well. The Church of England is threatening to put their money where their mouth is. Plus, in Belgium, the government is considering allowing children to request euthanasia.


Conflict & Justice

Protests in Portugal

Demonstrators across Portugal are protesting austerity measures, even as the unemployment rate there tops 15 percent. Lisa Mullins gets the view from Lisbon with Barry Hatton, author of the book "The Portuguese."

Conflict & Justice

Guinea Bissau Government in Exile

In the West African country of Guinea Bissau, cocaine traffickers teamed up with the military last year to topple the civilian government. Now that civilian government is in exile in Portugal, the former colonial power.