Palestinian Territories

Gazans enjoy access to goods

BBC producer Nevine Malek reports on how access to basic goods from Egypt has changed the life of one Palestinian family living in a refugee camp in Gaza.


Palestinians in prisoner swap

Israel also returned the bodies of nearly 200 Lebanese and Palestinian militants as part of its prisoner swap with Hezbollah today, and The World's Aaron Schachter looks at what today's prisoner exchange means for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


Egypt's balancing act on Gaza

There have been protests across the Arab and Muslim world against the Israeli military action in Gaza. Israel is drawing much of the blame. But many are also criticizing the Egyptian government. Aya Batraway reports from Cairo.


Donors pledge aid to rebuild Gaza

Palestinians got a boost last night in the form of 4.5 billions dollars in aid to help rebuild the Gaza Strip. The money was pledged at an international donor conference held last night in Sharm-El-Sheik Egypt. The World's Aaron Schachter reports.