Palestinian Territories

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Palestinian town in limbo

The World's Quil Lawrence reports on a Palestinian town that's been left a no man's land by the Israeli security barrier, while pollution from the village is also forcing Israelis and Palestinians to work together to solve the problem.

Bulldozer rampage in Jerusalem

Correspondent Matt Guttman reports on a Palestinian bulldozer operator who went on a rampage today, killing at least three people and injuring dozens on a busy street in Jerusalem.


Arab view of Middle East conflict

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mouin Rabbani, contributing editor of the quarterly "Middle East Report," about the potential for peace between Israelis and Palestinians during the Obama Administration.

Reaction to Israel's Gaza operations

Arab countries have condemned Israel's offensive in Gaza. But there's been little in the way of action from Arab governments. One exception is Lebanon, which today declared a national day of mourning in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. The Lebanese government is also pledging a million dollars in food and medical aid. Here's more on the Arab reaction from The World's Aaron Schachter in Beirut.

Fighting continues in Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas from The World's Quil Lawrence, who's at the Gaza border. There was a three-hour break in the fighting today. Both Israel and Hamas are reportedly considering a ceasefire, but there's no agreement yet.


Gaza cease-fire near?

Mediators in Egypt are still trying to hammer out a cease-fire agreement to end the violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest on the truce effort from The World's Quil Lawrence in Cairo.


Get away to Israel

Israel has launched a major campaign to lure European tourists. But as The World's Gerry Hadden reports, the recent violence in Gaza is not exactly a selling point.