Palestinian Territories


Lifestyle & Belief

The Keffiyeh issue and fashion

The black and white checkered scarf known as a keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. But some Westerners wear the keffiyeh as a fashion statement. The World's Aaron Schachter explains why that's got some Palestinians perturbed.

Global Politics

Gaza's political repercussions

As the Israeli offensive into Gaza continues, some Israelis and Palestinians are reflecting on the timing. Israel is heading for an election in just six weeks, and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was facing the possible end of his term in office in a matter of days. The World's Quil Lawrence reports.

Conflict & Justice

Recover in the Gaza strip

President Obama didn't waste any time diving into the cauldron of Middle East diplomacy. That pursuit begins in the aftermath of Israel's 22-day military offensive in Gaza. The Palestinian territory is in ruins right now -- and so are the lives of many Gaza residents. The World's Quil Lawrence has one family's story.