Palestinian Territories

Conflict & Justice

An Update from the West Bank

The BBC's Jon Donnison provides a view of happenings on the ground in the strip of Palestinian territory. Zachary Lockman, Professor of Middle Eastern/ Islamic Studies and History at New York University, helps explain the recent democracy movements.

View from Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Rushdi Abualouf about the current mood in Gaza City after the weekend of violence between Palestinian militants in Gaza and Israeli forces.

Palestinian walks

In the new book "Palestinian Walks: Forays Into a Vanishing Landscape" author Raja Shehadeh traces six hikes through the countryside of the West Bank over the past 28 years

Lifestyle & Belief

West Bank clashes

There's been a growing number of Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank. Some settlers say the attacks are justified. Each side blames the other and both blame the Israeli army for not protecting them.

The ground situation in Gaza

Israeli air raids over the Gaza Strip continued throughout the day today. The strikes inflicted yet more damage in the Palestinian territory. The Israelis say they're targeting installations run by Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza. We speak with New York Times correspondent Taghreed El-Khodary, who's in Gaza.


Hamas sends delegation to Egypt

As the fighting continues in Gaza, the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, is sending a delegation to Cairo. There is speculation that Egypt is trying to mediate a solution. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the latest from the BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi in Cairo.

Vanishing hope for peace

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Israeli writer Tom Segev. He says he used to believe that peace with the Palestinians was possible. But he no longer does, and, he says, neither do most Israelis.