Palestinian Territories

Conflict & Justice

A Journey into the Tunnels of Gaza

Hundreds of tunnels connect Gaza with Egypt. They are used to smuggle in everything from livestock, to construction material, to car parts. James Verini writes about the tunnel system in the December 2012 issue of National Geographic.


Gazans enjoy access to goods

BBC producer Nevine Malek reports on how access to basic goods from Egypt has changed the life of one Palestinian family living in a refugee camp in Gaza.

Egypt's border with Gaza

Hadeel Al-Shalchi reports from Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip, where the border is still open in a couple of spots, but the deluge of Palestinians streaming across into Egypt has slowed down considerably.

Conflict & Justice

Rare meeting in divided Hebron

The West Bank city of Hebron is home to hardcore Jewish settlers and radicalized Palestinian groups, but last week, there was a rare meeting in Hebron between the two sides, and by all accounts, the meeting was friendly

Israel warns of Gaza offensive

Israel today warned it may launch a major military offensive in the Gaza Strip in response to daily rocket attacks by Palestinian militants there, as Anchor Marco Werman speaks to BBC Gaza correspondent Rushdi Abu Alouf.

Israeli official issues warning

Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai used some strong language today to warn Palestinians in Gaza to stop rocket attacks against Israel

View from Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Rushdi Abualouf about the current mood in Gaza City after the weekend of violence between Palestinian militants in Gaza and Israeli forces.

The conflict in Gaza

Reporter Matt Gutman reports on the relative calm that's followed last week's spike in violence between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza.

Global Politics

Cheney's visit to the Middle East

Vice President Dick Cheney is the latest in a wave of senior U.S. officials who've traveled to the Middle East, and topping their agenda has been the Bush Administration's support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process