Palestinian territories


Why Israel declared 18 dairy cows a national security risk


A new film explores a real life incident from the first Intifada, when a West Bank town bought some cows and started a dairy farm. "The Wanted 18" is about what happens when Israel declared the cows a security risk and the Palestinians hid them so they could keep the dairy going.


How radio became a 'lifeline' in Gaza

As Gazans try to recover from this summer's war with Israel, some are turning to a local station called Radio Alwan to get information, trade stories and tips and get educated about subjects ranging from PTSD to where aid drops are happening.


Conflict & Justice

Life in Gaza

Israeli strikes in Gaza have terrified the population there. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Palestinian law student Nour Kharma, who's staying with her grandmother in Gaza City.

Global Politics

Gaza Celebrates Ceasefire

In Gaza, news of the ceasefire deal was greeted by celebrations but just before the truce went into effect, there were more rockets fired into southern Israel. And there were more Israeli strikes hitting targets in Gaza.

Global Politics

The War According to Prophet Muhammad

Qasim Rashid, National Spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wrote in a piece in "The Daily Beast" this week saying that "Prophet Muhammad is history's first major figure to condemn collateral damage in word and deed."