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Palestinian Visions for Statehood

Palestinians are expected to ask for recognition of statehood from the United Nations in September. But as The World's Matthew Bell reports, activists are divided on whether that would actually lead to the statehood Palestinians so desperately desire.

Global Politics

The significance of the 1967 borders

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israel would be generous with the size of a Palestinian state but that the border could not rest at pre-1967 lines. The World's Matthew Bell visits the West Bank to see how the Jewish residents there view the debate.

Conflict & Justice

Egypt permanently opens Gaza border

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with The World's Matthew Bell in Jerusalem about reaction there to news that Egypt is permanently opening its Rafah border crossing. The Rafah border is the only way in and out of Gaza that does not pass through Israel.

Global Politics

Israel rejects Palestinian unity deal

Israeli officials have criticized a reconciliation deal between the rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas. Under the agreement, an interim Palestinian government will be formed and a date fixed for elections. Matthew Bell reports.