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Pakistan's troubles

Pakistan's problems and divisions go well beyond the militants on its border with Afghanistan. The country is wracked by financial problems, unemployment and ethnic divisions. The World's Aaron Schachter reports from Karachi.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global hit

The World's Aaron Schachter recently met Pakistani singer Arieb Azhar. Azhar is not your typical Sufi singer. This vodka-drinking, bandana-wearing singer is breaking down barriers in Pakistan.


Pakistan's Taliban leader

Pakistani officials say a US missile strike killed a wife of the leader of Pakistan's Taliban. His name is Baitullah Mehsud. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid.


India's Muslim community

One year ago, 10 militants arrived from Pakistan in Mumbai, India. The Muslim community was terrified of a backlash, fortunately it never came. Miranda Kennedy has the first in her series of reports about the lives of India's Muslims.

Conflict & Justice

Pakistani radio in Texas

Texas is home to one of the fastest growing Pakistani communities in the United States... And on two popular South Asian talk shows, the Pakistani-American hosts address the problem of Muslim extremism. Shomial Ahmad listened in.