Every passport tells a story

If only passports could talk, they would have stories to tell. By digging into the historical aspects, the dates and the travel stamps, passport collector Tom Topol has made some interesting discoveries.


Conflict & Justice

The Obama peace prize

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Helge Pharo, an advisor to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, about the committee's thinking in awarding this year's prize to President Obama.

Global Politics

Olympic medals for Norway

Norway is traditionally a Winter Olympics powerhouse. But Norway's haul is below expectations so far in Vancouver, and as The World's Carol Zall explains, that's fodder for jokes at Norway's expense in Sweden.

Arts, Culture & Media

Violinist Xiang Yu

Twenty-one year old violin student Xiang Yu plays a Bach violin sonata during a visit to our studio today and tells anchor Marco Werman about his recent experience at the 2010 Menuhin Competition for Young Violinists in Oslo, Norway.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz asks: What do New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, Austria and Norway have in common? It turns out they rank as the most peaceful places to live in the world according to the 2010 Global Peace Index. Anchor Marco Werman explains.