North Korea

Trump and Kim will meet again, but why in Vietnam?

The White House says Trump-Kim summit 2.0 is being planned for late February. No official venue has been announced yet. But Vietnam, a communist state that fought America and won, is a choice that both North Korea and the US could agree on.


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North Korea missile test?

North Korea announced today it's going to launch a communications satellite in early April. The US suspects that it's more likely to be a ballistic missile test in disguise. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

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North Korea's rocket test

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Matthew Bell about this weekend's reported rocket launch in North Korea. North Korea's state-run media hailed the country's satellite launch as a success. But U.S. and South Korean sources say the launch failed to put anything into orbit.

Memorable North Korean statements

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us about two memorable North Korean statements -- one about the rocket launch reported this weekend, the other about a recent defeat on the soccer field.

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North Korea orders inspectors out

North Korea today ordered international nuclear inspectors out of the country. This after the North Korean government vowed to pull out of nuclear talks with the US and others. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

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North Korea at it again

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Beijing on China's measured response to North Korea's defiant actions over the last two days. China is considered North Korea's closest ally.