Lagos' megacity dreams are a nightmare for many working people

Lagos, Nigeria, is Africa's largest city and it could double in size by 2050. As city officials and developers undertake a project they say will make Lagos a global city of the future, critics argue that megacity gentrification is hurting working people. A new land use tax increase threatens even more strain.


Don’t take being American for granted

There is a reason why Western Europe’s loud acceptance of equality hasn't yet made a significant difference in much of the world: because of the US. Like civil rights and the women’s suffrage movement, it is only when America declares the debate closed that it will finally be closed in much of the world. If not legally, then at least culturally.


Conflict & Justice

Nigerian leader killed

The BBC's Caroline Duffield reports from Lagos, Nigeria on death of the leader of an Islamic sect. Police claim he died in a shoot-out yesterday. Human rights leaders say he was intentionally executed by the government.

Global Politics

Fast food in Nigeria

Mr. Bigg's is the largest fast food chain in Africa's most populous country. But running a fast food operation is no easy feat in a country beset by mismanagement, corruption, and a lack of infrastructure. David Hecht reports.

Global Politics

Farming and famine in Nigeria

A generation ago, the African nation of Nigeria launched a plan to embrace modern farming. Today the country is more dependent than ever on imported food. To find out what went wrong reporter David Hecht travels to a village he first visited in the 1980s.

Arts, Culture & Media

Fela Kuti

Despite its mainstream theatrical reputation, the credo on Broadway really continues to be anything goes. And so why not a musical about Nigerian afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti? Marco Werman reports.

Conflict & Justice

Nigeria and Niger's governments in flux

The governments of two West African neighbors are in a state of flux. Nigeria's president was hospitalized in November and to the north, Niger underwent a coup. We speak with Robin Cooke, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Conflict & Justice

Massacre in Nigeria

Details about a massacre outside the Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday are still sketchy. Authorities arrested dozens of Muslim men after the attacks. The BBC's Komla Dumor visited one of the villages and speaks with one of the survivors.

Arts, Culture & Media

Massacre's revenge factor

Revenge may have played a role in the Sunday massacre in central Nigeria. Anchor David Baron speaks with Michele Gelfand of the University of Maryland about her research into the cultural factors behind revenge.