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If you get a robocall in Mandarin, just hang up

More than 30 Chinese immigrants in New York say they have been the victims of a Chinese robocall scam. A local councilor suspects the number is much higher. The NYPD estimates $3 million has been stolen since December.



Geo answer

The answers to today's Geo Quiz are in Antarctica: New Zealand's Scott Base and the US McMurdo Station. The stations are now partly powered by the world's southern-most wind farm. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from project manager Scott Bennett.

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Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz asks: What do New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, Austria and Norway have in common? It turns out they rank as the most peaceful places to live in the world according to the 2010 Global Peace Index. Anchor Marco Werman explains.

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Hobbit rallies in New Zealand

The World's Carol Zall reports on a push in New Zealand to make the country the filming location for the Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit. Earlier plans to film in New Zealand were jeopardized after actors protested over working conditions.


Coal mine tragedy in New Zealand

Tragedy struck New Zealand last night. A huge explosion rocked a coal mine, ending hope of rescuing 29 trapped miners. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Phil Mercer in the affected town � Greymouth, New Zealand.

Health & Medicine

Stopping the flu at the border

The outbreak of swine flu is spreading across the globe. Cab technology help curb the spread of the flu? To help us answer this questions, The Takeaway is joined by Guy Martin, Senior Correspondent for Security for Conde Nast Traveller.