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A rare colossal squid was dissected in New Zealand — and you can watch it on YouTube

Last summer in the southern hemisphere, a fishing vessel in the Antarctic Ocean pulled up a rare creature — a 770-pound colossal squid. Only one other such animal had been pulled up intact before, surprisingly, by the same vessel. It is thought that the giant marine beast might be the origin of legends of undersea monsters. Scientists in New Zealand froze it to preserve it and just defrosted and dissected it.

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This 'depressed' polar bear won't be getting a new home after all

Arturo, the "world's most depressed" polar bear was supposed to be heading to a better life in Canada — at least that's what activists wanted. But now they're hearing he's too unwell to travel anywhere. Russia passes yet another law that critics say will limit Internet freedom. And a British man found he's been paying for cable service he canceled four years ago, in today's Global Scan.

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Which repressive regime is restricting protests now? Try a state in Australia...

Legislators in the state of Victoria have imposed strict new rules on public protesters. Critics say it's an effort to clamp down on long-running protests. In Sri Lanka, it's hard to hold onto an executioner, even though no one has been executed for nearly 40 years. And Caribbean dads fight to be present when their kids are born, in today's Global Scan.

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New Zealanders will vote on whether to update their flag

A flag is usually a symbol of national pride. But not necessarily in New Zealand, where voters will get to decide whether to ditch the design that dates to colonial times. And for some reason a Cadillac ad that lauds America's work ethic and paints Europeans as slackers just rubs some Europeans the wrong way. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

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Need a primer on how we got into the crisis in Crimea?

Russia's conga line through Crimea has left many of us scratching our heads. The online site Mashable offers nine basic questions, and answers. That story, plus a look at an Indian grocery store's social media marketing plan gone wrong and the music inspiring Venezuela's protesters.

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Is the Russian bear awakening?

Rumors of possible Russian intervention abound as protests in the Ukraine escalate. And even the Pope's weekend prayer for peace in the country ended in an ominous sign. Working-class stiffs in the Republic of Congo show that style isn't exclusive to the rich. And a New Zealand doc doesn't let a shark attack ruin his day, in today's Global Scan.


Early Signs: New Zealand's Climate Refugees

In the third of our series of reports on how concern about climate change is affecting communities around the world, we travel to New Zealand. Many people from the small Pacific island nation of Tuvalu have been resettling there because they fear scientis

Cultural Connection

Climatologists in New Zealand are looking to native Maori tribes and their oral histories for clues to the country's climate record.

Not-So-Awesome Possums

The struggle to control the Australian possum population in New Zealand continues ?eight years after Living on Earth first reported on the problem created by the fur trade's importation of the marsupials more than a century ago.