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How to integrate Nepal's ex-guerillas

Nepal faces a political dilemma. It can't settle on a new prime minister. That reflects deep political divisions between Nepal's political parties. As Reese Ehrlich reports, there's another issue; How to integrate ex-guerillas into the country's miiltary.

Global Politics

A pitch for the pink dollar in Nepal

Nepal's tourism industry took a major hit during the decade of Maoist insurgency. Now Nepalese officials want to make 2011 the year of tourism. And they're billing Nepal as a destination for gay and lesbian visitors. Habiba Nosheen has more.

Conflict & Justice

Himalayan mountain range

Some of the world's most dangerous mountains show up in today's Geo Quiz. So if you're an accomplished mountain climber, you probably know the name of this 34-mile stretch, or massif in the Himalayas.

Global Politics

Turmoil in Nepal

The government in one of the world's youngest democracies collapsed yesterday when the Prime Minister of Nepal resigned. This ends government rule by former Maoist guerrillas, who took power in elections after fighting a civil war against the King.