'A soldier cut off her breast:' Rohingya survivors recount atrocities

Since 2012, a small network of citizen activists have been risking their lives to secretly film the impact of Myanmar's military campaign against the Rohingyas. Their harrowing footage, and the first-ever on-camera interview with a member of the network, are featured in the new FRONTLINE documentary, "Myanmar’s Killing Fields."


In Myanmar, upcoming elections show breadth of reforms

While Aung San Suu Kyi is out of prison and free to run in the upcoming elections in the country formerly known as Burma, there are still signs that there is more work to do. But many in Myanmar are just thrilled with the progress they've had so far.

Myanmar loosens restrictions on press freedom

As Myanmar moves ahead with a set of reforms that have included the release of political prisoners, the country's government is also opening up its media. In some cases they've ended pre-publication censorship entirely and in others they've greatly reduced the restrictions.

As Burma reforms, students clamor to learn English

Burma, officially known as Myanmar, is in the throes of political reforms. Protesters have been released from prison and notions once unbelievable are now common. And that's meant a growing movement to teach citizens English.