Myanmar (Burma)


Chinlone: Kicking it in Myanmar

Later this year, Myanmar plays host to the South East Asian Games. Myanmar officials want to include a sport called chinlone in the line-up. We find out more from Canadian filmmaker and chinlone expert Greg Hamilton.



The latest from Myanmar

A plane from the U.N., the first major international airlift, has been able to land in Myanmar.The Takeaway talks a man who happened to be in the area (working at a tiger reserve) during the cyclone. He talks about the devastation.


The struggle to deliver aid to Burma

Twenty-two thousand people are dead. Forty-one thousand are missing. And the cyclone that roared through Myanmar (Burma) on Saturday has affected 24 million people. Aid organizations are starting the difficult process of helping.

Global Politics

Why we give

The focus of our Takeaway question today is what is it that makes you move from the sidelines of an issue to action on that issue? What moves you from witness to actor?


The Burmese cyclone touches a restaurant in Philadelphia

Burmese communities in the United States have been following the aftermath of the cyclone closely. The Takeaway talks with Mya Htay, who works at Rangoon Burmese Restaurant in Philadelphia. Her mother is one of the restaurant's three co-owners, and the staff has been trying to cope with trauma and uncertainty this week.