What deteriorating air quality looks like around the world

The Chinese government announced Monday that it plans to take more than five million vehicles off the road to improve air quality, including 330,000 cars in Beijing. This announcement comes only weeks after the World Health Organization announced that only 12 percent of cities reporting on air quality meet their standards for safe levels. With the help of our newsroom designers, we put together a list of places recently affected by deteriorating air quality and incidents of smog.


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Global Hit

Traditional folk songs from Mongolia are being played and appreciated by the youth of Beijing. Lisa Mullins tells us about the Beijing-based band, Hanggai.

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Geo answer

We were searching for the leader of the 13th century Mongol empire. The answer is Genghis Khan and the whereabouts of his grave have been a mystery for centuries. Josuha Kucera recently travelled China, Mongolia, and Russia to research this story.


Weather puts Mongolians in trouble

Thousands of people in Mongolia are struggling to survive after losing much of their livelihood to nature's wrath. The BBC's Chris Hogg reports from one of the worst affected areas in central Mongolia.

Ghost of the Mountain

Author Sy Montgomery joins us to talk about her latest adventures in Mongolia from her new children's book called "Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition Among Snow Leopards in Mongolia."