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Mali: Now a Tourist No-Man's Land

Tourism used to be a big industry for the West African country Mali. But now that the country is in crisis, foreigners have stopped visiting. And Malians are suffering from the lack of tourist dollars. Bonnie Allen takes us on a tour.

In Africa, Malians forced to flee, frustrated by lack of progress

Mali's split in two, the north controlled by a coalition of separatists and Islamic terrorists, the south governed by a weak, coalition government. Thousands have fled the sharia law implemented in the north, but there's no sign of an imminent resolution to the situation, despite months of talk.


Conflict & Justice

Mali's Conflict Takes Ominous Turn

Turmoil continues to grip Mali, weeks after French forces liberated the north of the country from Islamist rebels. Friday, the first suicide bombing took place in Gao. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lydia Polgreen of The New York Times in Bamako.