Timbuktu nearly lost its heritage. Now it's on exhibit in a Brussels museum

Centuries old books that were smuggled out of Timbuktu during the siege of the city by Islamist rebels are now on display at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The Timbuktu Renaissance exhibition is a glimpse at what's been called one of the biggest cultural rescue operations ever carried out during a political-ideological war.


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The World's Marco Werman traces the origins of the now-legendary Buena Vista Social Club recording, and how the original concept � a meeting of Cuban and Malian musicians � has now finally been realized on a recording called 'Afrocubism.'

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Nigerian women in Mali slave camps'

Officials in Nigeria say that criminal networks are forcing thousands of girls and women there into prostitution in Mali. Nigeria accuses Mali of failing to act against the traffickers. The BBC's Martin Vogl is in Bamako, the capital of Mali.

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French-Malian chamber music

For today's geo quiz, we're looking for a West African country and its capital. The capital sits on the banks of the Niger River and it's one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. For decades, this city has played a major role in world music.