An island of toxic trash plagues the Maldives

Thilafushi was once a lagoon in the Maldives, a gorgeous island nation in the Indian Ocean that's a popular tourist destination. But for almost 25 years, Thilafushi has been a dumping ground for the nation's trash — one that's unregulated and allegedly leaking toxins into the surrounding areas.

Global Politics

Foul-mouthed wedding vows

A hotel in the Maldives has apologized after a Swiss couple renewing their marriage vows were subjected to a torrent of sexual and religious abuse in a language they did not understand. The BBC's Jonny Hogg reports.

Assessing strategy, one week into Marjah offensive

It's been one week since NATO and Afghan forces began their offensive in Marjah, Afghanistan. In that time, much of the Taliban has fled the region and key leaders have been caught. But will controlling the city help defeat the Taliban in the long run?

China's Climate Fan Fare

At the United Nations Summit on Climate Change in New York, Chinese President Hu Jintao drew praise for his commitment to fighting climate change. But those skeptical of the praise for the Chinese president say both he and US President Barack Obama had li

Wet and Wild

To alert the world to the threat sea level rise due to climate change poses to the low-lying Maldive Islands, the President and his cabinet will hold their next meeting underwater.