Earth Ear

Listen to two Flufftails from Madagascar. The same family perhaps, but with different habits – one roams far and wide while the other is a homebody.

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Finalist

An NGO that helps poor communities in Madagascar sustainably manage their fisheries - and delivers family planning - is a finalist in this year’s prestigious Buckminster Fuller Challenge for socially responsible development ideas.

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The world's fourth-largest island

We head south from Somalia about 1600 miles for today's Geo Quiz. We're heading to the world's fourth-largest island. Let's give you a little help right off the bat. The three largest islands in the world are Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo.

Twittering @Madagascar

Because of restrictions, Madagascar's political crisis hasn't been covered by the global media. The Takeaway talks to Columbia University student Aaron Dibner-Dunlap, who uses an alternative media ? Twitter ? to compile breaking news from Madagascar.