In Madagascar, a deadly battle over the country's vanilla crop

Over the last year, police and vigilante groups guarding the northern Malagasy forests of Sava, the world's vanilla capital due to its perfect climate, have caught more than a thousand vanilla rustlers, most of whom are now behind bars, according to local police chief Sirnot Besoa.


Go inside salegy, the music that dominates Madagascar

In the days after World War II, musicians in the northern villages of the huge island nation of Madagascar started fusing traditional folk songs with modern styles. The result was a style called salegy, and it's still everywhere in Madagascar, now evolving for yet another new age.


New plant discovery

The BBC's Jonny Hogg reports that botanists are reporting the discovery of a spectacular new species of palm tree found on the island of Madagascar: the giant palm flowers once a century, and then essentially self destructs.

Global Politics

Global Hit

Political turmoil in Madagascar has meant new power for the country's leading opposition figure. As The World's Marco Werman explains, that opposition leader is a popular former disc jockey and radio station owner who is too young to legally become president now.

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The world's fourth-largest island

We head south from Somalia about 1600 miles for today's Geo Quiz. We're heading to the world's fourth-largest island. Let's give you a little help right off the bat. The three largest islands in the world are Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo.

Twittering @Madagascar

Because of restrictions, Madagascar's political crisis hasn't been covered by the global media. The Takeaway talks to Columbia University student Aaron Dibner-Dunlap, who uses an alternative media ? Twitter ? to compile breaking news from Madagascar.

Preserving the Magic of Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is home to an enormous variety of plants and animals, most of which live only there. But the primeval, or virgin, forests that are home to these species are under intense pressure. Malagasy people, especially poor people, see the