Global Politics

Iron Curtain becomes green belt

Twenty years ago today the Iron Curtain began to unravel. Now, the fortified east-west border is just a memory. But not all vestiges have vanished. Ashley Ahearn reports, in some places the former no-man's land is being preserved as a green belt.

Arts, Culture & Media

Lithuania's Got Accordion Talent

The "Got Talent" franchise is popular all over the world. And wherever it is, chances are good a wacky act will perform. In Lithuania, the talent show was just won by an accordion player. He bellows keys like Steve Vai on an axe.

Global Scan

Could NATO successfully counter Russian aggression? The US is worried

NATO is on high alert on its eastern borders, with the controversy between Russia and Ukraine still simmering. The US and UK fear that Russian forces may be more nimble than NATO. Meanwhile, historians are learning about an older military conflict, the US Civil War, from a dig. And China ponders its dog meat festival, in today's Global Scan.