Keeping the peace on the Israel-Lebanon border

It has been 11 years since the last, devastating war between the Lebanese group Hezbollah and Israel, but talk of another round of fighting has grown louder in recent months. Near the border, however, UN peacekeepers say "it's pretty calm" and residents don't seem overly concerned.


Global Politics

Arab diplomacy efforts in Lebanon

Arab diplomats are in Lebanon trying to help bring about a compromise between Lebanon's government and Hezbollah, and as The World's Matthew Bell reports, they also hope to tamp down regional tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Global Politics

Iran's ties in Lebanon

The World's Aaron Schachter reports on the debate in Lebanon over the exact nature of Iran's relationship with the militant group Hezbollah; some see it as a sinister influence over Lebanon, as the country's political factions continue to clash.

Conflict & Justice

Uneasy truce in Lebanon

The Lebanese government and the rebel group Hezbollah have stopped shooting at each other, but their civilian supporters remain armed, and angry, as Correspondent Ben Gilbert reports on an uneasy truce in Lebanon.

Conflict & Justice

Lebanon deal reached

The World's Aaron Schachter reports that Lebanon's US-backed government and pro-Syrian opposition have agreed to a deal that will end the political stalemate in the country

Conflict & Justice

Beirut tent city dismantled

Ben Gilbert reports that residents of Beirut are hopeful that the city's businesses and tourist areas will return to normal after the peace agreement announced yesterday because uring the 18-month stalemate

Conflict & Justice

Divided loyalties in Lebanon

Lebanon's long political crisis ended recently with the election of a new president but that didn't change things overnight and many Lebanese remain at least as loyal to their parties as they are to their country