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Middle Eastern rift with Qatar looks set to continue indefinitely

After initially disrupting Qatar's imports and triggering the withdrawal of billions of dollars from its banks by depositors from the four states, the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas quickly developed new trade routes and deployed tens of billions of dollars from its sovereign wealth fund to protect its domestic lenders.

Global Scan

Meet the US prison camp that helped give birth to ISIS

The US has long worried that its attempts to fight terrorism might actually spur more terrorism. We learn that a US detention camp in Iraq seems to have helped incubate ISIS. Meanwhile, it is Election Day in the US and an app lets Americans show their partisan choices as they shop. And an Egyptian bus driver found one heck of a way to fail a drug test. We have those stories and more in today's Global Scan.

Global Politics

Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Increasingly Skeptical of US Commitment

America is nearing a nuclear deal with Iran, leaving traditional allies like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States nervous about US commitment to their interests. Saudi Arabian columnist and former fighter pilot Turad Al-Amri offers the Saudi perspective, with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States looking to superpowers China and Russia to balance the equation. Produced by Joseph Braude.


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Kiss at your own risk

Officials in various countries have encouraged people to limit contact. Do we really need to swap fist bumps instead of kisses to protect ourselves from the flu? Sewell Chan, from our partner the New York Times, joins us to discuss the risks in greetings.

Living on Earth Marks 20 Years On the Air

We're celebrating! On April 5, 1991, Living on Earth began its weekly broadcasts on 100 public radio stations as a half hour show with a five minute environmental news roundup. Twenty years later Founder and host Steve Curwood recalls what motivated the launch of the series.