Ethiopian veteran recalls serving alongside Americans during Korean War

Ethiopia answered the call of the United Nations in the 1950s and sent three battalions to South Korea to repulse the North Korean offensive. Along the way, they distinguished themselves for their valor, but also for their tradition of bringing all of their war dead home with them — a tradition embraced by the United States soon after.

In South Korea, activists try to support single mothers

While Americans were celebrating their mothers and grandmothers and other important women this weekend, South Koreans were celebrating single mothers. It's a big deal in a country where single mothers are encouraged to abort their babies or put them up for adoption, for fear of shaming their families.

In Korea, trees planted in Mongolia bring hopes for fewer dust storms

South Korea a few times a year will be wracked with terrible dust storms carried on the jet stream from Mongolia's Gobi Desert. The yellow, talc-like sand is born up by winds and then carried for miles until it causes asthma attacks in Seoul. But Koreans are hoping newly planted trees will help put an end to that.