Kenya basically bans all drone use — despite potential benefits they may yield

There is vast potential for drone use in the developing world. In recent years, an explosion of initiatives has popped up across the continent of Africa, from unmanned peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Facebook’s high-hovering drones that bring the Internet to remote places. But the technology has proliferated faster than regulations can keep up. A couple countries have banned them altogether, including Kenya. Recent terrorist attacks have much to do with the restrictions there, but innovators think the country has more to gain from drones than it has to lose.

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In one of Africa's largest slums, these girls saved to solve a problem

Dozens of young people in the Kibera district of Nairobi have joined a savings club called Mashujaa, which means "heroes" in Swahili. Each member may only contribute a few pennies a day, but it adds up. And it allows the members to make big expenditures that might be out of reach. The deal is, they have to get the whole group's consent first.


Kenyans head to the polls

Six months after violence erupted in Kenya over a disputed presidential election, voters are heading back to the polls and these latest by-elections will test the strength of the nation's young coalition government


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Today's answer is Kenya. That's where the country's president and his wife are exchange public accusations over who's to blame for two recent fires that killed at least 145 people in their country. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter David McGuffin, who's following the story.