Global Scan

This is where bitcoins are made

Bitcoins are big money these days. So bitcoin miners are setting up vast, secretive warehouses filled with computers to earn them. We explain how it works. Meanwhile, terrorist wannabes have a lot to learn, so they turn to "The Koran for Dummies" for a quick education. And superstitions about albinism have taken a cruel turn in Tanzania, all in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

Chinese officials use 'House of Cards' as an example of US political corruption

Chinese officials are on a very public anti-corruption campaign — and they seem to think "House of Cards" shows they are not alone in their troubles. Meanwhile, in Russia, an anti-corruption official suddenly jumps out a window to his death, while being interrogated. Fishy? And Eid might become a school holiday. That and more in today's Global Scan.