Global Politics

Leaders who love technology

President-elect Obama may have to give up his BlackBerry for national security reasons. Anchor Marco Werman talks with The World's Clark Boyd about other world leaders who love their technology.


Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we were looking for the landmark piazza in the Italian city of Venice. The answer is Piazza San Marco or Saint Mark's Square. It's one of the lowest points in the city...and currently under feet of water after two days of record flooding. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with shop owner Robert Caruti to finds out how the city of canals is coping.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Executive pay abroad

Executive pay has been a big issue here in the US, as the government sinks taxpayer dollars in to the financial sector. In Europe countries have varied attitudes and policies about how much industry leaders earn.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Anchor Marco Werman profiles the singer Elisa. She's a pop sensation in her native Italy since 2001. Now she's hoping to make it in North America. Elisa kicks off a 17-date tour of Canada and the US next week.