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US to reopen land borders next month to fully vaccinated people

The US will reopen its land borders to nonessential travel in November for people who are fully vaccinated. Also, the international community is looking for ways to help Afghans financially, while circumventing the Taliban government. And, Iran and Saudi Arabia are holding talks brokered by Iraq to repair ties and come to an agreement to end the war in Yemen.

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Taliban declare victory as last US troops leave Afghanistan

Top of The World: The last US troops have left Afghanistan to meet the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline, ending the longest war the United States has ever fought. And, US climate envoy and former secretary of state, John Kerry, is in Southeast Asia for climate talks. Also, Iraq’s foreign minister has reportedly said that talks between rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia are underway in Baghdad.

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Afghan soldier dies in firefight at Kabul airport

Top of The World: A firefight at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport during the chaotic evacuation effort underway led to the death of at least one Afghan soldier on Monday. And, health authorities in Taiwan have given an emergency approval for the island's domestically developed COVID-19 shot. Also, Lebanon raised the price of fuel by 66% as government leaders attempt to reduce fuel subsidies in the country grappling with multiple crises.