Her resort is a refuge from more than just stress

Casa Nemo Beach Resort and Spa sits on the island of Pulau Weh in Aceh, Indonesia. While the rest of Aceh has its own version of Sharia law, restricting the behavior of women and gay men, things are a little freer at Casa Nemo. The resort's owner says she wants it to be a refuge, but she's not sure how long it will be able to survive as one.


When Harry met Rosa, a rhino love story

An 1,800-pound Sumatran rhinoceros was flown from the Cincinnati Zoo to an Indonesian rhino sanctuary this weekend. It's hoped the critically endangered male rhino will mate there and help bring more rhinos into the world.


Bali Or Bust

Representatives from 180 nations will gather in Bali for the next two weeks to decide what to do when the Kyoto Climate Protocol ends in 2012.

Java Trees

Indonesia planted millions of trees to absorb carbon produced by the Bali climate conference, but that doesn't make up for the country's shaky record on preserving its forests.

Java Trees

Indonesia has planted millions of trees to help absorb carbon but that doesn't make up for the country's spotty record on preserving its forests.

Oil on Trial

Three major oil companies ?Exxon Mobil, Chevron/Texaco and Royal Dutch Shell oil companies face a series of lawsuits alleging the firms engaged in environmental and human rights abuses, including wrongful deaths.

Paper Trees in Precious Ground

Plantation industries have taken root across much of Southeast Asia's peatland forests, disturbing habitat with the highest carbon content in the world. The release of carbon from Indonesia's vast and deep peatlands has made this developing country the wo

In Kalimantan, Big Experiment, Big Hopes

In the eastern province of Kalimantan or Borneo, there are still significant stretches of healthy forest. The Nature Conservancy is trying to persuade timber operators and officials there to make one district a model for coordinated, reduced emissions fro