Global Politics

Meatball soup for Obama

President Obama will have a lot on his plate during his visit to Indonesia. But many Indonesians seem more interested in what will be on the president's dinner plate Their top choice is a meatball soup called bakso. Chad Bouchard reports from Jakarta.

Global Politics

Obama to address Muslim world from Indonesia

President Obama is in Indonesia today, home of the world's most populous Muslim nation. Tomorrow the President will address the Muslim world at an Indonesian university and reporter Julia Simon reports that there is much anticipation about the same.

Bombings Rock Jakarta

A series of explosions killed nine people and injured 48 more in Jakarta, Indonesia. Joining The Takeaway from Jakarta with more of the story is Daniel Ziv, a filmmaker and author.

Update on the Bombings in Jakarta

Two bomb blasts rocked the central business district of Jakarta, Indonesia, killing eight people and injuring dozens more. Jim Della-Giacoma, South East Asia Project Director in Jakarta for the International Crisis Group, joins The Takeaway with more.


Earthquakes and relief efforts

Aid groups are rushing into Indonesia on the heels of a second earthquake that shook the country yesterday. Indonesia's Health Ministry says nearly 3,000 people may still be trapped under rubble after a powerful earthquake two days ago.