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Indonesians frustrated after attacks

Rebecca Henschke reports that Indonesians are frustrated and angry over last month's terrorist attacks in the capital. They want the world to know that the terrorists who carried out the attacks do not represent the true face of their nation.

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Indonesia death toll rises

At least 1,100 people have died in the earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Wednesday, UN humanitarian chief John Holmes has said. Marco Werman gets the latest from Amelia Merrick with the aid group World Vision.

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Indonesia rescue effort

International rescue teams are heading to Indonesia in a last-ditch effort to free trapped earthquake survivors. Marco Werman gets an update from the BBC's Rachel Harvey in Padang.

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Indonesia quake aftermath

Officials in the earthquake-hit city of Padang, Indonesia, have called off the search for survivors in the rubble of buildings five days after the disaster. Reporter Ann Dornfeld visited a village near Padang.

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Patua scroll book

PRI's The World: An Indian publishing company, Tara Books, is remembering the tsunami that occurred off the coast of Indonesia's Aceh Province five years ago with a new book.

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Out on patrol with Aceh's Sharia police

In Indonesia the conservative province of Aceh recently passed a law that imposes death by stoning on Muslim adulterers. In some places, women are banned from wearing tight pants. The BBC's Karishma Vaswani recently spent some time with the Sharia police.