Geo Answer and Global Hit

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Indian city of Chennai, where thousands of concerts and dance performances are going on now as part of the city's two-month-long "Music Season." Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us more.

The World's Cheapest Car

The Tata Motor Company in India has announced the launch of the Nano Car. It will sell for just $2,500 and make car ownership possible for millions of people in the developing world.


World's cheapest car, The

Host Steve Curwood talks with Sunita Narain, director of the Center for Science and the Environment in Delhi, about what the Nano Car could mean for the developing world and how India should handle its transportation issues.


Give peace parks a chance

Parks and natural areas can be an important part of international diplomacy and peace building between countries in conflict. That's according to University of Vermont professor Saleem Ali who edited the new book "Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution." Dr. Ali talked with host Bruce Gellerman.

Fire Beneath Their Feet

Imagine if your town or city were set atop a fire. All over the world there are fires that have been burning in underground coalmines for decades. In India's eastern Jharia region, people inhabit the baked and smoking earth directly above a 90-year-old co

Water Diaries

More than a billion people are without safe water and twice that many lack basic sanitation. Living on Earth decided to take on water issues drop by drop. Washington correspondent Jeff Young kept a diary of his daily water use, and a woman in rural India