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NCAA Tournament 2012: Times columnists makes case for paying players

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament drives billions of dollars in spending every March, but not a dime of it goes for wages for the players. Now sure, their scholarships and the money that pays for them to travel to get there comes from that pool, but one New York Times columnist is among a growing chorus of people saying "pay the players!".

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Icelandic Chants

Iceland is still trying to pick itself back up after its banking system collapsed two years ago. Perhaps that's one reason why ancient Icelandic chanting is gaining in popularity. Gerry Hadden listens in.

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Overseas bailout

As the U.S. bailout plan stumbles on Capitol Hill, European banks are suffering from their exposure to the U.S. crisis. The World's Laura Lynch reports that governments in Europe have had to intervene with bailouts of their own.