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Geo answer interview: Reykjavik

For our Geo Quiz today we asked you to name the world's most northern national capital, where the city's modern art festival is now underway. The answer is Reykjavik, Iceland. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with travel writer Tom Haines for a quick survey of the sights and sounds at the "experimental marathon" exhibition underway at the Reykjavík Art Museum.


A bright spot in depleted fisheries

Conservationists say the world's fisheries are in danger of collapsing from rampant over fishing. But a new study suggests it may be possible to head off this calamity by changing how fisheries are managed.

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Overseas bailout

As the U.S. bailout plan stumbles on Capitol Hill, European banks are suffering from their exposure to the U.S. crisis. The World's Laura Lynch reports that governments in Europe have had to intervene with bailouts of their own.


Iceland's genetic history

A new DNA study in Iceland suggests that the country's main lineage may not be all Viking. Testing of ancient teeth from an Iceland museum suggests the country's first Viking settlers may have brought women from the British Isles with them. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the lead author of the study, Kari Stefansson.

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Geo answer

Today's Geo Answer is Grimsby, England, where Icelandandic fishermen are going in increasing numbers to sell their catch. The BBC's Sarah Falkingham reports Icelandic fishermen are finding it hard to sell their catch at home - so they're travel to Grimsby to market it.