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Cuba's help for Haiti

Cuba has agreed to allow American planes flying medical evacuation missions from Haiti to travel through Cuban air space. Normally, US flights would have to go around Cuba, losing valuable travel time. Anchor Maroc Werman has details.

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Haitian orphans

Dixie Bickel runs an orphanage about 15 miles out of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. She has over 150 children to look after and like many others in the country she is now waiting for help to arrive. Anchor Marco Werman talks with Dixie.

Global Politics


As we come to the end of our program, we remember the tens of thousands of people who have likely died and the many others who's lives have been affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Haitians await aid

Bottlenecks and infrastructure damage have been holding up aid efforts in Haiti. There is little sign of humanitarian supplies beyond the Port-au-Prince airport. We get an update from UN spokesman Vincenzo Pugliese.