Here's a Haitian school struggling to absorb desperate migrants


Thousands of Haitians who lived and worked in the Dominican Republic have fled across the border under threat of deportation or violence. Many are taking shelter in makeshift camps. At one school near the border, teachers are struggling to teach the children of these uprooted migrants along with the rest of their student population.

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When America occupied Haiti

One hundred years ago this summer, the US military began occupying Haiti. One senior officer who took part in the 19-year US takeover later said it was all about Wall Street. The occupation left lasting scars.

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'If I was Dominican, they wouldn't have expelled me like some dog'

A few weeks back, there was a lot talk about Haitian immigrants facing the prospect of being kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Even people of Haitian descent born in the DR. Dominican authorities set a June 17 deadline for immigrants — mostly Haitian — to apply for legal status or risk deportation. The mass deportations haven't materialized. And the Haitian and Dominican governments continue to say that the Haitians who have left have mostly 'self-deported' on a voluntary basis. But some Haitians who did leave tell a different story.



Aftershock hits Haiti

A powerful aftershock hit Haiti this morning eight days after a massive earthquake turned much of the nation's capital city to rubble. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest from the BBC's Nick Davis, who's in Port au Prince.

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US Navy hospital ship helping Haitians

The US is sending another 4,000 Navy sailors and Marines to Haiti for earthquake relief. The Pentagon reported on Wednesday that the Navy hospital ship Comfort, had received its first Haitian patients. WAMU reporter Sabri Ben-Achour sent this report.

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Haiti's vodou religion

The earthquake in Haiti was recently blamed on a ?pact with the devil'. Anthropologists say the claim has a long history, going back to centuries-old misrepresentations of Haitian vodou. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.


Survivors still await more aid

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Nick Davis, about conditions in Cite Soleil, a slum on the outskirts of Haiti's capital Port au Prince. Many earthquake survivors there still don't have the food or medical attention they need.