Looking small for big answers in Greenland

Scientists working in Greenland are looking for tiny clues to help fill in the big picture about the fate of the island's giant ice pack. They're using cutting edge technology to track minute changes that could help predict what a warmer future might hold for Greenland and the rest of the world.

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Scientists come a step closer to making Star Trek's tractor beam a reality

Science fiction has long envisioned "tractor" beams that could grab and move physical objects using a laser or other stream of energy. Now scientists have created one, at least on a small scale. And we have some advice if you use heat in the winter. Most Brits, and many of us, apparently don't know how to use our thermostats. Also, Chinese officials go on a worldwide corruption hunt, in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

Greenland's snow is getting darker, and that's bad for you and me

Greenland is home to a huge chunk of the Earth's frozen water. And every winter that ice is covered with snow, usually white snow that reflects sunlight back into space. But new information suggests that pollution and a warming climate are making that snow much darker — and consequently making it melt much faster. That story and more in today's Global Scan.


Arctic Gender Imbalance

Some Eskimo villages in Northern Greenland are seeing few or no baby boys being born--just girls. Scientists say there is a link between the skewed sex ratios and the Eskimo diet which is high fat from seals and whales and high in persistent organic pollu

Native Traditions and Climate Change

Northwest Greenland is home to one of the most remote human settlements on earth. Just a thousand native Inughuit people live in one subsistence hunting community but climate change may force them to leave the melting ice and re-settle further south.

Operation Ice Bridge

Since Icesat, the satellite NASA scientists used to collect data from the Arctic and Antarctic failed in 2009, scientists fly in a plane over the remote regions to document ice melting.

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Björk's Biophilia

Bjork's new album, isn't one. For each track on Biophilia, there's an interactive iPad app that teaches musical principles and delves into aspects of the scientific world. Every song comes with a musical score and lyrics so that anyone can play along.